The Different Methods of Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can be consumed and applied in many different ways. You can smoke the unsurpassed OG Kush or vaporize the sativa-dominant Lemon Haze. You can even smear cannabis-enriched cream on your skin. In this article, we’ll show you the main consumption and application methods of cannabis, as well as the pros and cons. Here we go!


Joints, blunts and spliffs are the most classic ways to smoke cannabis. A spliff is made of thin cigarette papers, weed and tobacco. Tobacco shouldn’t be smoked, but many consumers mix it with their cannabis because modern marijuana is so potent. A joint is a spliff without tobacco. In this way you taste the real qualities of the herb. Joints can therefore be extremely potent. To get started, you can read how to turn a perfect joint here. Blunts are made from the binder of cigars. Snoop Dogg smokes them all the time. Blunts look super cool and are usually smoked in company.


T-waxing is a relatively new trend. It consists of decorating a joint or blunt with cannabis concentrates and kief. When you have rolled one perfectly, you can heat some shatter and decorate it artfully, like the Christmas lights in a Christmas tree. Then you can sprinkle the joint with kief. This way you will add a lot of extra cannabinoids to it. For this method you do need the necessary skills, some patience and intelligence. Concentrates and weed do not burn evenly. The thickness and placement of the hash oil therefore determine the quality of the experience.


For hundreds of years people have smoked weed in a pipe. The most classic pipes are the “souvenir” pipes with a weed leaf or the characteristic head of Bob Marley. Pipes come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from pipes made of metal, glass, wood and fruit. There is even a Gandalf pipe. Now you know what Gandalf put in his magic pipe! The best thing about it is that you don’t need extensive basic equipment. All you need is a pipe and lighter. And weed, of course. The disadvantage of a pipe is that you have to keep it clean inside. It quickly becomes a mess and becomes clogged. Moreover, innocent passers-by may think you are smoking a crack pipe. View Weed Pipes


In India people have been smoking weed in a chillum for centuries. This is basically a cone-shaped pipe made of ceramic or glass. You put the weed in the top of the chillum. You surround it with both hands, so that you can regulate the intensity of the inhaled smoke. You don’t see this method of smoking almost anywhere else but in India. In fact, it’s quite tricky and takes a while to get good at. However, if you want to smoke like a sadhu worshipping Shiva, use a chillum.


Smoking a bong is at the top of the consumption methods. You put water in the bong, light the weed and inhale the smoke. When you remove your finger from the “blowhole” as you inhale, the smoke rushes into your lungs. A bong is made of acrylic, glass or ceramic material. However, you can also make them out of fruit and vegetables. This is a nice alternative for people who are vegetarian. In addition, if you put some ice in the bong, the smoke becomes considerably cooler, which improves the experience. A puff often comes in like a sledgehammer blow. This can be a bit too much for inexperienced smokers.


Edibles are perhaps the most palatable way for cannabis lovers to enjoy weed. Dried cannabis must first be decarboxylated to convert the THCA into THC. Only then does it become psychoactive. Because cannabinoids bind to fat, decarboxylation is often done by combining cannabis with vegetable oil or butter under heat. We know that users of medicinal cannabis can benefit greatly from edibles because the effects last longer. In doing so, the high is more calming and intense. To make cannabis butter, start by simmering butter, cannabis and water on low for 3 hours. Then strain the mixture and put it in the refrigerator so it cools down. This will make a layer of cannabis butter appear that we all know how to appreciate. Cannabis oil, cannabis brownies, space cookies, curry dishes – you name it, you can make it with cannabis. Edibles are a wonderful invention, because food and marijuana do go together. They can also be dosed precisely, which is ideal for patients who use cannabis for their illnesses. The disadvantage is that many people use too much quickly. As a result, they become very stoned, sometimes vomit and join the anti-legalization movement.


Cannabis-enriched drinks are the drinkable version of edibles. There’s nothing like a delicious drink made from fresh fruit and cannabis. Because cannabis must be decarboxylated, it is often heated in milk or cream and then stirred into coffee, bhang lassi, a milkshake or other drink. If you make cannabis tea, you should add a little butter through it so that the cannabinoids can bind to the fat. Drinks can also be made from alcohol. For this you put some crumbled weed in a large jar with liquor. Put this away in a dark, cool place. After 2-60 days the fortified liquor can be added to various drinks. In this way you will be pleasantly spoiled by both the alcohol and the cannabis. Cannabis drinks are delicious, but you quickly use too much of them.


Vaporizers for marijuana have become very popular in recent years. This is because the smoke is softer and less harmful than smoking. When vaporizing, cannabis is heated to 160-220°C. In this way, the desired cannabinoids and terpenes are released without burning the cannabis. There are many impressive vaporizers on the market. They use either convection or conduction technology. There are desktop and portable vaporizers and vaporizers specifically for vaporizing dry herbs, oil or both. There are really hundreds of diverse designs with different functions. Thanks to the vaporizer, you can indulge in delicious cannabis flavors. The downside of vaporizers is that they are usually quite pricey. And it’s quite a hassle to keep them clean and working properly. View The Top 10 Vaporizers


A self-tinkering device is another method of consumption and relies on the ingenuity of the cannabis consumer/tinkerer. Some people can construct airplanes, others are good at throwing a basketball into a net. However, you also have individuals who can turn anything into a smoking instrument. For example, you can create pipes from a banana or an avocado and even an apple. From a bucket and a plastic bag you make a gravity bong. And how about a vaporizer made from a lamp? The possibilities are endless. The best thing about crafting your own smoking devices is that they are fun to do. Plus, they offer a solution if you ever forget to bring your smoking supplies. The downside is that they take quite a bit of time to construct. In addition, the quality of the smoke may suffer from the construction and materials used.


Dabbing is the inhalation of concentrates with a dab rig. It works like this: the “nail” of metal or glass on the side is heated with a gas burner. Then you pick up the concentrate with a special dab tool and place it on the heated nail. This melts it so it can be inhaled. You also have futuristic dab rigs that work completely electronically. However, some would be of inferior quality. Dabbing is great for super potent hits because the THC content of most concentrates is over 60%. And that can go as high as 100%!!! The downside is that the effects are sometimes too strong. And that can be a bit too much for inexperienced users.


Administering cannabis under the tongue is a great solution if you don’t want to smoke and vaporize or use edibles. Decarboxylated oil can be ingested sublingually, as long as it is liquid and oily. For example, you can administer cannabis oil (edible oil enriched with cannabis) and CBD crystals under the tongue. In doing so, the body quickly absorbs the cannabinoids and other compounds from the cannabis. Sublingual ingestion is very nice because it is a quick method. You simply put a few drops under your tongue and that’s it. The main drawback is that you quickly use too much, as tinctures and oils can be extremely potent. View CBD Oil


You can also use unprocessed cannabis, but it won’t get you high. Because it hasn’t been decarboxylated yet, it’s full of THCA and CBDA. Adding a little unprocessed cannabis to a healthy smoothie is a delicious way to show off your culinary skills. The downside is that it has no psychoactive effect. Some people also don’t like the plant-like taste.


You can use skin cream for various skin conditions, as well as to keep your skin supple and moisturized. Today, many companies have focused on enriching cream with the goodness of cannabis. This is because in the skin there are CB2 receptors that are activated when they come into contact with the cannabinoids from cannabis. This method will not get you high, even if the cream contains THC.


There are also little-used application and consumption methods for cannabis. In the hospital, for example, patients can be administered cannabis intravenously, but it must be prepared by specialists. Never inject cannabis yourself; it can make you quite ill. Suppositories are another method of application, but they are not often used. Usually they are made from cannabis and coconut fat. There is also pharmaceutical mouth spray, such as Sativex, cannabis chewing gum, and many more.


There are many ways we can use cannabis and cannabis products. In the future, I am sure we will see even more products as we gain more knowledge about the possibilities of cannabis. In short, choose your favorite method of consumption, bury yourself in a mountain of cannabis and enjoy life.