The Best Smoking Accessories Every Stoner Needs

Fascinated by the incredibly wide range of smoking accessories, but no idea where to start? While our six essential picks are perfect for the beginner, experienced practitioners will also find useful items on this list. Read on to discover the paraphernalia you shouldn’t miss.


The first time you smoke a joint and taste the sweet, enticing flavors of weed, the world suddenly seems to fall into place much better. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that a few cigarette papers and some cannabis are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to truly elevate your body and mind, you need our essential smoking accessories. Not only do they make life a lot easier, they also make your overall smoking experience ten times better. Even better: many of them are small enough to fit in your pocket or a small purse.


For those who value quality over quantity, here are six essential smoking accessories.


Before even thinking about fancy gadgets, every self-respecting stoner should master the basics. This means rolling tight joints (not a lumpy branch) and using a tip. The latter is a mostly underrated aspect of a joint. A filter tip makes the puffs much softer. It also prevents you from inhaling nasty vegetable residues. Although a good craftsman never blames his tools, decent material is practical for your rolling skills. Choose papers and tips made specifically for joints. All you have to do then is practice rolling leaf-shaped filters-lots of success! View Product


Although we’ve said before that every self-respecting stoner should be able to roll, sometimes our hands don’t quite cooperate. Maybe your fingers are good at many other things, but many people lack the dexterity to roll a perfectly cylindrical joint. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming of euphoric bliss. All you need is a rolling machine. The idea is simple-fluid and weed go in and perfectly rolled joints come out. Rolling machines come in different varieties. So choose one that best suits your needs. Many are small enough to fit in your pocket. So you don’t have to worry about running out on the road. View Products


Whenever possible, always prefer a metal grinder to a plastic one. Plastic grinders work fine, but those made of metal are superior in almost all aspects. They tend to last longer, have no odor or residue, are easier to clean and look better. If you really want to indulge in luxury, go for a three-chambered metal grinder. These grinders have an extra compartment and a mesh that catches kief when you grind your weed. You don’t waste anything and the kief can be used for a more powerful joint. View Product


As the name suggests, one hitters give you just that-a hit! Imagine a pipe shrunk to roughly the size of a joint. This is what a one hitter often looks like. One hitters are another way to avoid the need to roll. Also, if you don’t like to inhale burnt rolling papers, this is the ideal choice. One hitters are durable, it is possible to fill them on the go, and they keep your weed safe until use. The only complaint users sometimes have is that with a longer session, refilling is tedious. Do you like to take a few puffs in the morning or evening, before or after sleeping? Then a one hitter is indispensable. View Product


The advantage of a stash box is twofold. Such a box not only keeps your valuable weed out of sight, but often your buds fresh as well. When searching, always keep one important rule in mind-quality weed deserves a quality stash box. Don’t skimp on your stash box, and you’ll reap the benefits later. Your weed will retain its potency no matter how far you travel with it. And does your stash box fall out of your bag? Most are designed to look like your average pill bottle or medicine container. A crucial purchase, if only for a little peace of mind. View Product


It happens all too often. You’ve got all the parts to roll a joint ready to go, when a gust of wind (or clumsy friend) blasts all your equipment into the air. Filters roll away and you never find them again and your weed lies in a pile on the ground. If you recognize this scenario, then you need a rolling tray. Keep your rolling papers, weed and filter tips safely together with this. Premium options often have an area for rolling and separate storage areas for rolling papers or tips. View Product So that’s what they were, six essential items that take the blower’s life to the next level!