The 3 Most Powerful Psychedelics

Have you ever wondered what the most powerful psychedelics are? We have! So we did some research and figured out how much of each you should use to induce a trip. A trip on hallucinogens is definitely a mind-blowing experience. For many, it is a true revelation and one of the most distinct experiences out there. However, there are a fair number of different hallucinogens and this naturally begs the question: Which ones are the strongest, gram for gram? In an attempt to shed some light on this question, we did some research. Below are the three most powerful, popular psychedelics, based on strength per weight. Making an estimate on the experience itself is almost impossible, because each hallucinogenic has a different effect. DMT, for example, is generally thought to provide the most pronounced experience available, at a normal dose, yet it takes quite a bit of weight to elicit that experience.

3. 5-MeO-DMT

Gram for gram, DMT is not the most powerful hallucinogenic drug. It takes a dose of 1mg to feel any effects and 3-5mg to induce a so-called “trip”. But then you have something! Although DMT is not the most powerful, when we talk about weight, it certainly is when it comes to the experience, as 3-5mg often blows you away. There is no similar experience; it is the ultimate trip for any psychonaut.


Salvinorin A, the main psychoactive component from the plant Salvia Divinorum, is actually the most potent, natural, hallucinogen ever isolated. It is so potent, gram for gram, that pure use is extremely unnerving, putting you at serious risk of physical harm. It is active as low as 200mcg and doses above 500mcg are often classified as alarming. Despite this power, the Salvia Divinorum plant, the main source for the substance, tends to turn out quite pleasant and tame. You certainly wouldn’t think it would be more potent per gram than DMT! However, this all has to do with how it is used and absorbed. Before you set out to find pure Salvinorin A, you should know that it is vastly different from other hallucinogens. This is because it is not an alkaloid, but a diterpene. This makes the trip less manageable for most people and those who have tried it pure are often reluctant to do it again. If you want to be completely out of this world, there are better ways to do it.

1. LSD

LSD is gram for gram, without a doubt the most powerful hallucinogenic drug known. Just 20mcg will already have an active effect on the body, causing a slight euphoria and physical high. The effects increase as the dosage does too, where 150mcg will induce a “normal” trip, which is what most LSD users aim for. Of course, the dosage can be increased, with 300mcg (still a minuscule weight) being the limit for most seasoned users anyway. This is not to say that you can’t go higher, but from this point on things do get very intense! It just goes to show that power can be both subjective and literal. The hallucinogenic experience of DMT is often considered the most pronounced and therefore the most powerful. But scientifically, this is incorrect. LSD is the strongest and can fire you into an enjoyable and self-exploring experience with the smallest amount.