Review of Ready Clean Detox. Does it Work?

Ready Clean DetoxReady clean is a widely used detox drink that cleanses your system upon its intake before a drug test. It also works towards erasing harmful toxins such as narcotics, apart from the washing out of contaminants in one’s blood and urine temporarily. It is best to use the method of detoxification to pass tests such as urine, blood, and saliva.

Ready Clean detox has herbal ingredients that work to cleanse your body of toxins. It not only cleanses the body but also boosts metabolism which further strengthens the cleansing process. It works for all types of drug tests.

Before the use of the product, you are to cleanse your body and drink plenty of water. It is recommended you start this process two days before you take the cleanse. During this period, avoid any consumption of drugs as it can ruin the impact of the cleanse. The cleanse is taken 1 hour before the test and during the time helps remove remaining toxins in the body through the urine.


The are numerous vitamins, minerals, and supplements in Ready Clean. Since it is developed to naturally detoxify your body in a safe and effective way, Ready Clean with its ingredients helps one in achieving a healthier and cleaner regime.

The 16 oz detox drink entails a herbal blend as follows:

  • Nettle – allows for toxins to be released from the body by acting as diuretic ginseng – in tradition, mostly popular for boosting immunity along with cardiovascular and metabolic systems.
  • Dandelion – used in herbal medicine as an herb that supports a healthy liver and gallbladder function.
  • Milk thistle – this ingredient that is included in the detox particularly works towards the restoration for the functioning of a healthy liver along with minimizing damage from toxins.
  • Hawthorne Berry – this supports the heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Uva ursi – to promote kidney and urinary health, uva ursi is part of the blend.
  • Mullein leaf – works as a tonic in the Ready Clean Detox drink which in turn supports the respiratory system and lungs.
  • Stevia – used in ancient times, this herb to date proves to be of great power to cleanse.
  • Fruit fiber – serves to be an effective cleanser in the drink as it binds the toxins and helps in their elimination through the digestive tract.

How to Use

The following entail step by step instructions on how to do so:

  1. Stop the use of cannabis along with drinking 64 ounces of water daily before the date upon which you will be tested.
  2. Two hours before the test commences, shake the 16-ounce bottle well enough and consume the entire drink to detox.
  3. Fifteen minutes later, refill the 16-ounce bottle with water and consume. Be sure the continued consumption is in small amounts of electrolyte water before the test as extensive water without electrolytes may lead to unfortunate events such as water intoxication, seizures or death.
  4. Consume such that the test piss is a 3rd, 4th, or at the more passing post the consumption of Ready Clean.

The Company

Ready Clean came into being 20 years ago as a launch by Detoxify LLC with a claim of 20 million products sold.

With a range of products for every stage in detoxifying, the company has two categories of capsules, PreCleanse Herbal Capsules and Constant Cleanse herbal capsule. The former can be taken 2 days before a drug test whereas the latter can be taken throughout the year to promote continuous detoxification

It has an assortment of multiple other cleansing products, such as:

  • Every clean
  • Green clean
  • Instant clean
  • Mega clean
  • Mega clean NT
  • Mighty clean
  • Xxtra clean



Even in the case of smoking, this product works wonders provided you follow the given directions. It hasn’t failed me even once! Point being, I drink ready clean and follow the directions every time I need to have a drug test taken, be it for a job or otherwise. This not, however, mean that I’m encouraging smoking on the day of the test or before that, but I did smoke on the day of the test and passed it without having any issues. I mostly get a bottle either ready clean or xxclean, which is the same ingredients but just for larger people and pair it with cranberry juice (no added sugar). Its advisable to drink the juice the night before and the following morning. Post this; one must drink water as well and increase the frequency of urination. Within six hours its recommended that you take the test. On a personal account, I have never waited beyond 3 hours but know of people doing it and also succeeding.


It’s a great product provided we follow the instructions. With just a week’s notice that I had to take the drug test, I was a rather heavy smoker for more than a year, took the recommendation of a friend and picked out this drink, would recommend it to everyone I knew at once followed the instructions, you are good to go!


I was expecting positive results with great hopes with this product but unfortunately was disappointed as it does not work. Taking into notice that I am not even a massive pot smoker, I truly did think I would stand a chance of passing the test with this drink. I am given Xanax every month for my anxiety, I hadn’t smoked for 19 days, eat and drink healthy, but on the day of the test, I followed all the instructions that were given, but I don’t get how It came out to be positive. It is now on my record. It may have worked for some but not for me.