Recipe: Making Hash Yogurt

If you love edibles, making hash yogurt can be a quick way to achieve that blissful feeling. Just remember that eating marijuana edibles often delivers much stronger effects than smoking weed, and hash is a cannabis concentrate, so it can be very powerful!


  • A pack of yogurt
  • Hash, enough for a decent joint
  • Butter or coconut oil, your choice
  • A metal spoon
  • A lighter


1. Pour some oil on your spoon or spread some butter on it, depending on what you use. 2. Crumble your hash onto the spoon. 3. Grab your lighter and heat the bottom of the spoon for a few minutes. The butter/oil/hash combination should melt together into a substance. If you have something small on hand, you can stir the mix a little more. Note: This heating is done to decarboxylate the cannabis. The THC in raw cannabis is actually THCA, which is much less active than THC. Heat is needed to convert THCA to THC, which is also why cannabis is smoked or heated in other ways. 4. Once your melted mixture has an even consistency, carefully mix it into your yogurt. 5. Let cool and enjoy! That’s it! A quick and easy way to turn your hash into a tasty yogurt snack! Remember, edibles usually kick in 45-60 minutes after eating, so be patient.