How do you start your own religion?

Since the dawn of civilization (and probably before), the human race has had an overwhelming desire to worship something greater than themselves. Be it God, spirits or nature; humans have always, in some form or another, practiced religion. When it comes to psychedelics, faith and philosophy, hallucinogens have always had the power to bring us closer to spirituality. They are an integral part of many religions, primarily shamanic ones. The mind-altering nature of hallucinogens does not always lead us along the path of current religions, and many psychonauts have found their own spiritual peace through use. We find a great example in one of the great psychedelic philosophers of our time: Tim Leary. He believed that we are all our own God and that psychedelics bring us closer to the universe, and the spirituality within it. Leary believed so strongly in the power of psychedelics that he started his own religious organization to further explore the connection between LSD and spirituality. With this in mind, we have put together a guide so that anyone with similar ideas can follow in his footsteps and start their own hallucinogens-based religion.


1. Choose a central focus

All religions begin with a central focus. Buddhism, for example, initially began as a protestant movement within Hinduism, then expanded. Similarly, you need to determine what the central focus, and message behind your religion, will be, as well as where the influence comes from and how you are likely to shape the philosophies.

2. Put together a central belief system

This doesn’t have to be complicated or pronounced. For example, the central belief system in a hallucinogens-based religion might be that you are bringing yourself closer to the true nature of the universe through the use of hallucinogens. You don’t have to create a doctrine, or define how believers should live their lives if you don’t want to.

3. Create some rituals

Just about every religion has certain rituals. These can simply be how hallucinogens should be used and whether these are group rituals and putting together a meaningful ceremony.

4. Consider design

While the core philosophies, beliefs and practices are hugely important in your religion, you must not forget to think about the look. Having a well-designed symbol, ceremonial clothing, art displays and other recognizable aspects can add a lot to the sense of belonging among your followers.

5. Define your role

Are you the chief of your religion, simply a guiding philosopher or an equal believer?

6. Spread the word

Now that you’ve defined the framework of your religion, it’s time to take action. Hopefully you have a few interested followers to start with and with them you can spread your ideals and views. This can be done through the internet, on TV, in the local paper, flyers, open forums, whatever you want! It is important that you arouse people’s interest and have views that people can believe in. It is also important to explain why it is wrong not to follow your beliefs. This doesn’t have to mean directly contradicting other opinions, or trying to force your opinion on others, but instead try to get them to consider your religion.

7. Become officially recognized

At some point, if you have enough followers, and have further developed your infrastructure, you will be able to become an officially recognized religion. However, this will largely depend on the country you live in. In order to become official, you must meet certain criteria, so look up the law and work towards it. That’s it! While this is a brief explanation of what you need to do, it should give you the tools you need to expand. If you are convinced of the spiritual nature of hallucinogens, you now have a starting point from which to spread the word. Disclaimer: Please take this article with a grain of salt. Side effects may include: Cult status, martyrdom, banishment from society, insanity and being stared at when you walk down the street.