Glass, Acrylic, Silicone Or Ceramic: Choose the Right Bong


The four basic materials for bongs are acrylic, silicone, ceramic and glass. Do you want to buy a bong? Then it’s helpful to know the differences between these materials and what they have to offer.


Acrylic bongs come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are lightweight and durable, so they don’t break as easily. The biggest advantage of an acrylic bong is that it falls in the lower price range. So that works out well if you don’t have a penny to spend. The annoying disadvantage of an acrylic bong is the bad taste compared to one made of glass or ceramic. Continuous and excessive heating causes the material to emit strange odors. These often detract from the smoking experience.


Silicone bongs have recently become quite popular. They are made of the same soft and pliable material as resin boxes and are basically indestructible. Plus, they’re nice and portable and great for travel. A silicone bong is also extremely affordable. Silicone bongs are rarely equipped with frills, such as a percolator, because they are made of soft material. Appearance is also sometimes a factor. A silicone bong is nothing compared to the elegant, classy look of glass or ceramic bongs.


Like acrylic bongs, ceramic bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They come in a variety of creative designs. Think of the shape of a mushroom, dragon, wizard, fruit or anything else that might have sprung from the mind of a designer. These bongs make for great conversations. And when displayed, for example on a bookshelf, they attract no further attention. The smoke from these bongs also tastes better than from acrylic bongs. Still, ceramic is not that expensive. Although a ceramic bong is somewhat more durable than a glass bong, these bongs are not indestructible. That means that if you drop them hard, they will in all likelihood break.


There is no question that a glass bong is superior in this smoking method. Of all the different types, a glass bong delivers by far the purest flavor and smoothest smoke. Even basic, unadorned ones are normally characterized by a chic and luxurious appearance. Unfortunately, glass bongs are not only the most expensive out there, but often quite fragile as well. They break faster than acrylic bongs and can be quite heavy. However, the best bongs on the market are often made of super-thick boron silicate. With that, they are sometimes able to survive a fall, whereas a cheap glass bong would break anyway in that case.


Now that we have discussed the external features of each type of bong, it is time to delve into the specifications of each material. Only then will you be able to decide which bongs will best suit your lifestyle and budget.


Most cannabis smokers who are just starting out with a bong or on a limited budget choose a bong made of acrylic. This material is a type of plastic fiber. That means it can be mass-produced with ease. And that makes these bongs a lot cheaper than, say, glass ones. The acrylic plastic is also relatively sturdy. So you don’t have to worry too much about your bong breaking when you travel or share it with friends. Does it break? It will cost you a pittance to buy a new one. Another advantage of an acrylic bong, aside from its affordable price, is its cool shapes and colors. The bongs often have the same gadgets as a glass bong, such as a percolator or ice tray, but at a fraction of the cost. Because acrylic bongs are usually transparent, it’s also easy to spot when it’s time for a cleaning. View Acrylic Bongs The biggest problem of all is that an acrylic bong generates the very worst taste. This varies, but often these bongs cause your weed to taste sharp. This is detrimental to the bong experience, where you get unpleasant odors when you heat the plastic. In addition, if you buy a bong made of acrylic through, say, Marketplace, you don’t know if there are harmful substances in the base material. This is not to say, however, that these bongs have not conquered a place among cannabis enthusiasts. Many cannabis smokers have a fine glass bong that they keep for home use to get the best taste and smoke and an acrylic bong that is more suitable for taking to a party and sharing.


Silicone has long been used for baking and cookie molds and has become popular in the cannabis world. Because nothing sticks to it, silicone is an excellent base material for resin boxes, but now there are also bongs made of it. Besides being a non-stick material, silicones offer the advantage of being virtually indestructible. Since the material is soft and pliable, like rubber, it is even possible to play soccer with such a bong without it breaking. This makes silicone a good choice if you have clumsy friends who are always breaking things – these are perfect bongs for parties. Because they are floppy, light and indestructible, silicone bongs are also great for travel. They are more flexible than copies made of acrylic, so it is just possible to stuff them into your luggage or backpack without worrying. View silicone bongs Another great advantage of a silicone bong is that it doesn’t affect the taste much. The bongs may not be as superior as those made of glass, but they approach that standard quite a bit. They also don’t produce acrid smoke and don’t give off as much of a “plastic taste” as a bong made of acrylic. However, this is almost inevitable. High-quality silicone bongs are made of food-grade silicone that you also use in the kitchen. When it comes to cleaning a silicone bong, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Unlike glass or acrylic bongs, they are not transparent. So it’s not really possible to determine if they require cleaning. Fortunately, though, they are super easy to clean. It’s even possible to put them in the dishwasher! The other setback of silicone bongs is that they are less beautiful. Unlike glass bongs and sometimes even acrylic ones, they do not win design awards. With a silicone bong, it’s all about functionality and flexibility – and not so much about beauty. Also, because of the soft material, the bongs often don’t come with extra features, such as a percolator. Silicone bongs tend to be basic and simplistic.


Ceramic bongs are fantastic and a lot of fun! These come in the shapes of dragons, skulls, Martians and anything else you can think of. How about a few nice gasps from a bong shaped like a giant penis? Or inhaling smoke through the back of a sexy female statue? Okay, enough for now… We just mean to say that you can have a lot of fun with such a bong. You like that? Then put a ceramic piece of smoking gear at the top of your shopping list. View ceramic bongs Many ceramic bongs are true works of art and look great on the bookshelf or mantelpiece. Most look like an ornament or collectible. Casual passersby usually don’t see what they are for. At least, not right away. There are two types of ceramic bongs. The first type is done in the same style as most glass and acrylic ones that you fill with water. These bongs usually come with a downstem and bong head that are also made of ceramic. In the process, they give off a pretty pleasant flavor and generate buttery smooth smoke that almost rivals that of glass bongs. However, there are also smaller ceramic bongs that do not require water. Technically speaking, they are more like pipes, with which you can take larger puffs. Be careful, though; the smoke generated by these small bongs can be particularly heavy, but also quite hot. The disadvantage of ceramic bongs is the same as with glass bongs: in all likelihood they will break if you drop them too hard.


Finally, there are the glass bongs, which are absolutely unbeatable! Let’s talk about what makes them so special and why it’s worth investing some extra money in them. Glass is a unique material that people have been using for centuries. Among other things, what makes it so fantastic is that it is non-porous; bacteria have little chance. Moreover, it is 100% odor-neutral. This makes it not only the best material for food, but of course also for cannabis! Glass also feels smooth to the touch and doesn’t conduct heat like metal does. Although there is a good chance you’ll burn your lips on a metal pipe, the same doesn’t happen easily with a glass one. View glass bongs Glass is available in a range of beautiful models, shapes and textures. Its unique properties make it transformable into things that would not be possible with other materials. In fact, we often think of glass blowers as true artists. And indeed, the best glass bongs are handmade by a master glassblower who knows his craft well. These are not mass-produced bongs. So the next time you use an artistic glass one, take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship-enriched device. Because of the expertise required to make glass bongs, they are also the most expensive. And despite that, they break easily. Still, most cannabis enthusiasts know that they get value for their money with a high-quality glass bong. There is simply nothing that matches the pure taste and overall fantastic smoking experience.


Glass, acrylic, ceramic, silicone – which is the best bong to buy? Usually, price is the deciding factor. However, remember that cheap acrylic bongs are sometimes poorly made and the most expensive ones are not necessarily the best. So before you choose, you should read some product reviews and perhaps ask the opinion of other smokers. Ultimately, it comes down to which consumer type you are and what you value most. Do you prioritize style, price, prestige, flexibility or durability? Fortunately, there are bongs for every taste.