Cooking With Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a popular ingredient in cuisines around the world. In doing so, they come in a variety of flavors and textures. In addition, you can eat them raw or incorporate them into soups and sauces. In short, if you want to cook with mushrooms, you can actually do anything. But what about cooking with Magic Mushrooms? We admit that they’re not exactly known for their delectable flavor or their culinary potential right now. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a place in your kitchen. Can’t believe that mushrooms can enrich a dish? Then at least believe that the other way around!

What are the benefits of cooking with magic mushrooms?

Cooking with psilocybin mushrooms can have advantages and disadvantages. Besides the many advantages, there is actually one possible major disadvantage: it can have a negative impact on the intensity of your trip. If you’re making chocolate with magic mushrooms, you hardly need to worry about this problem. But if you’re cooking a full dish, you should expect a slightly milder trip. That said, here are the benefits:

  • It masks the taste, which is very important.
  • It counters nausea.
  • It delivers a mild experience (some people prefer this).
  • It is useful for microdosing.

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Does cooking affect magic mushrooms?

As far as taste is concerned, many people will agree that mixing shrooms with tasty food is wise. In that respect, cooking has a great effect on magic mushrooms. But as mentioned, the strength does get reduced when you combine psychedelic mushrooms and truffles with other foods. As a rule of thumb, the more nutritious the food, the milder the trip.

Heat, psilocybin and strength

When cooking with mushrooms containing psilocybin, be careful with heat. This is because psilocybin, the main psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms, begins to break down at temperatures above 72.5°C. So it’s important to keep the temperature low when working with magic mushrooms. This also applies when you make tea with mushrooms. You cannot put them directly into boiling water, because this breaks down the psilocybin. You need to let the water cool down first.

Choosing the right ingredients

There are a number of ingredients that are very suitable to experiment with. It does not matter whether you use magic mushrooms or magic truffles.

  • Ginger: this root is great for masking other tastes, because it tastes quite sharp. But it also serves another purpose. Ginger also counteracts nausea, making it a great addition to a psychedelic snack or drink.
  • Acid: Lemon, lime, vinegar or another acidic ingredient helps convert the psilocybin in your shrooms into psilocin. Usually this conversion is driven by your stomach acid. This is because the body cannot absorb psilocybin, so your body must first turn it into psilocin to feel an effect. The story goes that the effects come on faster and stronger if you let your body take this job off your hands. Lemon Tek is the classic way to get as high as possible from magic mushrooms. But beware: psilocin breaks down at a lower temperature than psilocybin, so opt for something cold.
  • Sugar: this can help provide your body with energy and balance the trip. However, it is good to know that its consumption accelerates the metabolism of the psychoactive substances in shrooms. So it is possible that the trip will last less time.
  • Chocolate/cacao: This is a popular addition to magic mushrooms and truffles. The Aztecs also used it in combination with honey and shrooms for a delectable, psychedelic treat. It also has hardly any negative impact on the effect of the trip.
  • Honey: Honey is also a commonly used ingredient. In fact, mushroom honey (Blue Honey) is a great method to preserve and consume your mushrooms. However, know that this blue discoloration that honey is known for is a sign of oxidation of the psilocin. In other words, it breaks down.

How to dose shrooms when cooking?

Dosing shrooms can be tricky when cooking with them. The more food you add, the more shrooms you can add, but don’t overdo it. If you already have experience with psychedelic mushrooms and truffles, feel free to follow your instincts and experiment. But inexperienced users should do the following anyway:

Use a dosage calculator

Our dosage calculator can help you find the right dosage. Enter your weight, whether you are using magic mushrooms or truffles and whether they are fresh or dried. Then you can indicate how intense you want your trip to be, and the calculator will calculate the best dose. Shroom dose calculatorCalculate

Start carefully

If you eat raw shrooms on an empty stomach, the effect can come on very quickly. However, when you combine them with food, it can take a while, sometimes an hour or more. Therefore it is important to be patient before eating more for fear of not getting high. Also, keep in mind that it is difficult to distribute the mushrooms evenly. Thus, some portions are more potent than others. You can avoid this by grinding the mushrooms into a fine powder. Don’t have much experience? Then start with little and gradually build up the dose. It is better to wish you had taken more than to develop a lifelong aversion!

How do you use shrooms in the kitchen?

There are countless shroom recipes. However, here we will discuss some general tips and tricks if you want to cook with fresh or dried mushrooms. Then you can follow a more elaborate recipe, or let your creativity run wild.

Fresh shrooms

Fresh shrooms are sometimes quite tasty, or at least they don’t taste very terrible. Just hold that thought and take advantage of that freshness, rather than thinking they’re not tasty anyway. For example, these psychedelic mushrooms go well in a salad, among other refreshing ingredients. You can also make tomato sauce or pesto. At the end, when your dish has cooled down a bit, you can incorporate the mushrooms either whole or in pieces. Fruits and fresh mushrooms also go well together. Some people claim that blueberries in particular complement the taste of mushrooms, and they’re healthy for you too. You can expand on this by mixing both with some yogurt and honey for a delectable and healthy snack.

Dried shrooms

Dried shrooms are considerably less tasty than fresh ones. So it is probably not wise to include them whole in a salad or yogurt. However, if you chop or grind up dried shrooms and incorporate them into a dish, you can cover up the flavor somewhat. Sauce is also a good option, as it is with fresh mushrooms. Do let the dish stand for a while after you add them, as they will absorb a little more moisture and take on the same flavor somewhat. Otherwise, the taste of the stale mushroom powder can still start to dominate! Dried mushrooms are also ideal to incorporate into chocolate. Melt some chocolate, sprinkle the pulverized mushrooms on a plate and pour the chocolate over them. While doing this, try to get an even distribution, so you know roughly what’s in a serving. No need to hold back here either: enrich the chocolate with other ingredients, such as sea salt, chili or lemon zest. Indulge. Basically anything that goes well with chocolate, you can use!

Is it recommended to cook with mushrooms?

That depends on what your goal is. Do you want to experience the most powerful, profound trip ever? Then the answer is no. The less food in your stomach, the stronger your trip. But not everyone is waiting for an endless trip through the cosmos. And then cooking with shrooms is a great way to tone down the effect a bit and still enjoy it. A huge bonus is that it allows you to cover up the taste and texture. Some people lovingly bite into a mushroom, but others are disgusted. If you can’t handle the taste of mushrooms anyway, feel free to always incorporate them into a delectable dish. This leads to a more comfortable start to the trip, which automatically translates into a better experience.