Best Way To Pass Urine Drug Test With Home Remedies

You need to pass a urine drug test but are worried about the marijuana you had a few days prior. Don’t fret. We’ve got absolutely everything you need to know. Once you’ve finished reading this informative article, you’ll be an expert in knowing some of the best home remedies that really do work to pass a drug test. And you’ll also know what not to do. We’re here to bust the myths and make sure your test comes back squeaky clean.

If you really can’t wait to simply read our top four solutions for how to pass a urine drug test, click here!

The Basics

Before we jump right into the solutions, it’s very important that you understand the basics about how cannabis hangs around in your body. One of marijuana’s main components tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the chemical compound and is the reason you feel a euphoric high. The relationship between THC and how long it stays in your body is actually largely to do with your weight. How? So, in super basic terms, whilst you are enjoying your smoke, THC becomes stored in your fat cells and blood. So how does your weight come into it?

Let’s break it down into body fat percentage. Even when smoking the same amount, a person with 10% body fat stores a very small amount of THC in fat cells, a person with 20% body fat (average) stores some THC in his/her fat cells, but after just a few days the THC levels off. A person who is overweight with a body fat percentage of 30% or above stores A LOT of THC in their fat cells.

Ok, so we get that the higher body fat percentage you have, the more THC your body stores. So what about the elimination process? We know that marijuana metabolites (such as THC) leave your body through urine. How long does it take for each person to get rid of the chemical showing up in their urine? Although all three of these people experienced the same high, and the same peak levels of THC in their blood, it takes over double the time for the 30% person to eliminate the chemical than it does for the 10% person.

For example, the 10% person is looking at around 4 days for it to disappear from their blood and 7 to disappear from their fat cells, whilst the 30% person will have an extended elimination time of around 11 days for blood and 16+ for their fat cells. The first rule of understanding the urine test process is that time is your friend…the longer you can delay the test after your last toke, the more chance you’ll have of testing negative.

The Solutions

Now you understand how it works, but you are still panicking because you have a job interview which features a drug test in a few weeks time. This doesn’t give you enough time to fully clear yourself of marijuana metabolites even if you are the 10% person. Let’s talk about proven ways to pass a drug test. All in all you really only have four options.

These options include:

  1. Fat Burning – this is great for seeing permanent results and maybe not having to work so hard next time, but can take up to a month to be effective.
  2. Diluting Urine – This is good because it is fast but bad because it requires additional supplements.
  3. Substituting Urine – This is fast and effective but is also hard to do and illegal.
  4. Using Activated Charcoal – This reduces the concentration in urine but it does require more than 1 day.

Fat Burning

As we discussed earlier, THC stores in your fat cells. So if you lose weight, you lose more fat cells and therefore there becomes less space for the THC to accumulate. For example, a person with 10% body fat has less fat tissue meaning less stored THC. Burning fat and losing weight is not only great for minimising your risk of a positive drug test, but it also is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Although this is one of the best solutions for producing a clean drug test (faster than if you were overweight), it is obviously not a quick process. This is a time consuming solution so if you’re test is next week, it might not be for you right now.

So, what do we recommend you do to lose weight and body fat? We suggest drinking lots of water, saying NO to junk food and replacing it with leafy greens, healthy veggies and superfoods and getting plenty of regular exercise. If you want to assist your body in removing THC from your fat cells whilst you work out, you can! Supplements are a great way to help to do. Check out these two detoxifying processes which work really well.

Activated Charcoal

First things first, how and why does using activated charcoal work to produce a pass-worthy urine drug test?

Many people are skeptical about this use of activated charcoal to remove THC metabolites from urine, but we’re here to backup the facts and describe to you how it works scientifically.

How and why does using activated charcoal work to rid your body of THC metabolites? In simple terms, activated charcoal has a big spacious surface area which drugs are easily absorbed into. In fact, the substance is seen to be used by medics and doctors in an attempt to save someone from an overdose or drug poisoning.

The scientific reasoning behind why activated charcoal works to clear your system of THC is because after THC has been processed by your body, it makes its way to your GI tract. After this, is leaves your body through urine which is why performing a urine drug test can show whether you have been using drugs or not.

Based on this informative clinical study, we know for a proven fact that activated charcoal intake will reduce the levels of THC found in your urine. When a group of people were given a total of 30g of activated charcoal before being given a dose of THC, as well as 5 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours, 7 hours and 10 hours after, after 24 hours their levels of THC resulted in being 45% lower than those who hadn’t been given the charcoal.

According to the study, when the urine was tested for its THC levels, they concluded that the levels of the chemical were reduced by 21%. These results of this study were conducted after just one day of activated charcoal use, so it can be confirmed that if you were to repeat the procedure over several days, the levels would diminish even further.

Here’s how we recommend you use activated charcoal:

  1. Purchase activated charcoal (it’s really great because it has many other uses as well such as for teeth whitening and skin cleansing etc, win win!)
  2. Intake 30g of the activated charcoal by day. Don’t do this all at once as you need to spread the intake out across the day. To do so, take 10g before every meal, 3 times a day.
  3. You may experience frustrating side effects such as constipation. Don’t panic, reduce your intake to 5g before each meal.
  4.  You MUST only follow this procedure for a maximum of two consecutive days per week, and then have 5 days off. This is essential.
  5. On your 5 day break, ensure you are consuming a fibrous diet, otherwise constipation may occur. Either eat foods that are high in fibre and purchase some fibre supplements.
  6. Repeat the 2 days on, 5 days off process from when you start up until the day of your drug test. If possible, it will help to carry out this procedure as many times as possible before your test. But remember, only 2 days at a time!

*Activated charcoal may interfere with other medications so make sure you speak to a doctor before consuming it*

Substituting Urine

Before we start with how to achieve this one, we must first say that this is our least recommended method of passing a drug test. Although it does work, if you are caught there could we pretty severe consequences.

Still want to do it? Ok here’s how:

Option 1: Use a friend’s urine sample

Substituting your urine with a friend’s seems simple enough but there are several things you must make sure of. These include the temperature of the sample and if your friend is on any prescription medication. If they are, it is best to find someone else.

It’s important to store the sample in a small container than is easy to hide, and easy to open. It is very likely that the person adminstatoring your test will be able to hear you using the bathroom. They WILL be listening out for weird or unusual noises coming from the restroom, so test your container to make sure it is quiet and easy to open. And DON’T drop it!!

The temperature of the urine 100% matters. It needs to be between 90-100 degrees and if it’s not, you will fail. How do you keep the sample at this temperature when it’s in a tube or container? On the day of your test, put your container in a hot glass of water or attached a hand warmer to it, such options should keep the urine at the sufficient temperature for between 8-10 hours. Strap or attached the container to your underwear (with the hand warmer), it can be kept here for up to 12 hours. Things you don’t have to worry about? The age, gender or medical condition of the person you are receiving as sample from.

Option 2: Use synthetic urine

This one is tricky. Firstly because it is simply illegal in many states. But if it really your only option, then you can look to purchase it online or at some novelty shops or smoke shops (if legal if your state). Again, you need to ensure this sample is at an adequate temperature. It’s very important to do your research on this one. You need to BE CAREFUL because it you use a synthetic urine and it is detected, you may be in serious trouble.

What Doesn’t Work

Cranberry Juice

Although cranberry juice is great for cleansing your body and is full of healthy antioxidants, it is NOT a successful way to prepare to pass a urine drug test. There are many myths that cranberry juice works because it dilutes your urine, which is pretty much the same as the dilution method we spoke about earlier, however, it does not work in the same way. In fact, cranberry juice although it will result in low creatinine levels, it will change the color and probably the pH levels on your urine. The outcome? A failed test because diluted urine will be detected. So unfortunately, relying on cranberry juice alone is not going to do you many favors.


No. No. No. Goldenseal is not the answer. Don’t even think about it! Why? The tale that Goldenseal works to rid your body and urine of chemicals that will fail you in a drug test is simply an urban legend. It really doesn’t work. AND even if you are not put off by reading the last few sentences, let us tell you that some drug tests actually test for Goldenseal to reveal suspicious attempt at cheating a drug test. It’s really not worth it, it doesn’t work and you may be caught out. If you’re looking for a detoxifying process that really does work, check out the products on offer at


Another product people think works is Niacin. Niacin is a molecule that can be used to treat problems such as high cholesterol. It can be bought as a supplement but can be severely dangerous if too much is taken.

Many internet sources claim that Niacin speeds up the breakdown of fat which causes a release of the THC that the fat cells are storing. FALSE. There has been study after study on the effects of Niacin and fat loss, and not one had a sufficient enough outcome. We cannot prove that this is true.

Others think that Niacin helps to open up the blood vessels in your fat tissue, and therefore release THC. FALSE AGAIN. Where is the proof? There is none. Niacin has no immediate effect on blood pressure in healthy people, indicating that the vasodilation is not happening everywhere in the body. NBI suggest that even if Niacin does cause vasodilation of the fat tissue, there is no sufficient evidence that proves this would cause the release of THC or any metabolites. Onto the next!


Stop RIGHT now. Bleach is not the answer for passing a drug test. It is a highly dangerous method and it does not even work. If you drink bleach is can cause severe damage to your throat, stomach and digestive tract and can result in chemical burns, vomiting and even death. And you’ll still have a failed drug test.


Drinking vinegar also is not an effective way to pass a drug test. Why? Because it will definitely affect the pH level of the urine you produce. The pH level will be lowered and the acidity level will be severely raise, making it clearly obvious to the tester that the sample has been tampered with in some way.

Sure Jell

There is a common misconception that the fruit pectin component in Sure Jell works to pass a urine drug test. People are often led to believe that the pectin coats and lines the inside of your stomach and bladder which will temporarily prohibit THC and metabolites from passing into your urine. FALSE. What actually happens, is that the pectin indirectly carries the THC with it on its way out of your body. This means that there is less THC left to be absorbed by the blood which would then end up in your urine.

Also, if you try this Sure Jell method, you will have to do so whilst consuming a large amount of water. This is then practically mimicking the dilution method but without following proper protocol. You probably won’t be paying attention to your creatinine levels which will be drastically lowered by the intake of Sure Jell, causing an over-diluted urine sample and more than likely, a failed test.

Creatine Pills

Now Creatine Pills CAN work when used correctly, and when paired with the proper dilution method. What you would do is take the pills 6-8 hours before your test. Then 2 hours before your test, take 6-8 more pills. 1 hour before your test, drink lots of water.

Doing so will allow you to dilute your urine without your test being detected as diluted. However, you must follow the dilution method we spoke about earlier for this to be successful. Too much creatinine will result in kidney damage and a red flag in your test.


Taking zinc would work to rid your body of THC. BUT, zinc can easily be detected in your urine. And many tests will look for zinc as a sign of tampering with or cheating a urine drug test. It’s probably not worth the risk because if zinc is detected, you will come out with a failed test.

Eye Drops

Using eye drops such as visine used to work. Why? Because a couple of drops into your urine and the test will show up clean, meaning you will pass. Happy days! Buuut unfortunately this isn’t the case anymore. A few years ago, the compounds find in eye drops went totally unidentifiable in urine samples. But as the years have moved on and technology has skyrocketed to new levels, drug tests can now detect the presence of eye drops in your urine. So, it probably is not worth trying because if found…test failed.

How to Deal with a Failed Drug Test

Many states all have different rules and regulations when it comes to what happens if you fail a test. In some cases you won’t get a job, you will be fired or you may not be entitled to company benefit schemes. Is there anything that can be done to rectify a failed urine drug test? You have several options if you fail:

  • Own up: Tell the truth and own up to having used drugs in the past. You never know, your employer could appreciate your honest words and decide to give you a change.
  • Ask for a lawyers opinion: A professional lawyer will be able to assess your situation and other alike circumstances from this specific company and will tell you if you are eligible for any time off benefits or extenuating circumstance. A lawyer will be able to help you better understand how it all works.
  • Ask to be re-tested: If you are convinced that your drug test should have resulted clean, then ask for a re-test. Some will allow you to be re-tested and some won’t, but it’s worth a try.

To Wrap It Up….

In summary, there are really only 4 methods that truly work, when they are done in the correct manner. These include: Burning Fat, Diluting Urine, Substituting Urine and Activated Charcoal. The best way to conclude which works best for you is to test out these method waaay before you are due to take a test.