7 Ideal Cannabis Strains As Motivation And Productivity Boost

Many of the outspoken skeptics about cannabis hold to the argument that cannabis can make you lazy and unproductive. But cannabis is a highly diverse plant that contains no less than 111 cannabinoids. Many frequent cannabis users, from celebrities like Seth Rogen to ordinary working people, claim they can function productively while using cannabis. Of course, there are many cannabis strains that make you want to hang out on the couch, and they are absolutely ideal for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day. But most smokers know that there are a number of cannabis strains, especially sativas, that have the opposite effect. That’s because each cannabis strain contains different and unique amounts of cannabinoids. That’s why sativas induce a more uplifting, energetic feeling. Because they typically contain more cannabinoids that trigger dopamine production in the brain than indica strains.


The production of dopamine can give a feeling of pleasure and reward, which has a motivating effect on us. That’s because both CB1 and CB2 (cannabinoid) receptors are linked to dopamine levels in the brain. Smoking a good sativa can help you get out of bed and make sure you get some work done! As I mentioned, there are countless strains, and each strain produces varying effects depending on the cannabinoids it contains. That’s why we’ve done our best to pick sativa and hybrid strains that we think can help put you in a motivated, productive state of being.


Durban Poison, a powerful sativa with a unique flavor, gives you the taste of aniseed and licorice with hints of mint. This sweet and piney strain gives intense energy boosts with stimulating clarity of mind and euphoric sensations. Durban Poison is known to arrive like a shot of espresso, leaving you completely “on” and clear-headed within seconds. Possibly due to her higher levels of the energetic THCV cannabinoid.


A plant that smells amazing with a complex mix of sweet and spicy flavors. Super Silver Haze offers a cerebral high that is intense and uplifting. With long waves of euphoria that are complemented by the slightly relaxing and stress-relieving sensations she has from her indica origins. This sensational excites you and makes you feel like you’re at your productive best.


The perfect wake-and-bake strain. With sweet, earthy aromas that taste like coffee and chocolate. A very mellow, upbeat high that offers an energy boost good enough to go for a jog in the morning. Chocolope can ease your stress and make you feel ready for some action. A great addition to your morning coffee!


A very refreshing cerebral strain. This cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze is ideal for staying alert and keeping your mind focused. She offers a thick, fresh, skunky taste that tingles your taste buds with a powerful, sour lemon flavor and sweet hint of haze. With a long-lasting, life-enhancing sensation that dulls to a calming, relaxing feeling. This strain does a great job on all fronts.


Sour Diesel is an extremely high yielding plant that does not disappoint. Highly appreciated by the medical community and recreational users, this strain is said to be great for relieving stress, anxiety, migraines and pain. This sativa has very pungent aromas and works quickly and starts strong. A clear and relaxing cerebral high that offers a powerful grip on your thoughts and ideas. Sour Diesel is ideal for new ideas and fresh inspiration, for alertness and for motivation.


This strain is bred to contain an equal amount of CBD and THC. She offers exceptional medicinal benefits while counteracting the drowsy effects of THC. This strain is not only suitable for use before bed, although it has a very relaxing effect on the body. With Mango Haze, you can go all out. An intensely fruity plant with a distinctive mango aroma. This is a great tasting drug that is full of beneficial CBD and is absolutely ideal for that cerebral, motivational buzz.


Jack Herer has a spicy, woody flavor accompanied by a long-lasting high that offers incredible mental and physical motivation. This cross between Haze and Red Skunk is a powerful and highly medicinal hybrid strain. An ideal and soothing remedy for pain and lack of appetite. Jack Herer offers a very pleasant and mellow high, ideal for productivity and motivation.