5 Cannabis strains that will give you ABSOLUTELY the Munchies

All stoners know that a major side effect of smoking marijuana is that you become at the mercy of the voracious nature of the munchies. It’s a phenomenon that people have mixed feelings about. Some people hate to eat so much, while others love it and enjoy the feast. There are even individuals who, for whatever reason, use it to work up an absent appetite. The point is that some cannabis strains are better suited than others. So here we explain how this all works and we list five strains that will ABSOLUTELY stimulate the appetite and get the munchies going.


There are all kinds of anecdotal and scientific reports that suggest that consuming cannabis stimulates the appetite, but what about that? It all has to do with THC and how it acts on the brain. When THC binds to receptors in the brain, one of its many effects is to release two hunger-related hormones, known as leptin and ghrelin. These, in turn, stimulate appetite by sending signals to the body that it needs more nutrition, even when it doesn’t. This is a very brief description and there are probably other factors involved. But it should give you some idea of what is going on and how individuals, who have trouble with appetite or a healthy weight, can benefit.


As already briefly mentioned, there are certain strains better at stimulating the appetite than others. It’s not that you can use any strain for its THC content and then expect guaranteed munchies. Instead of discussing which strains can or cannot increase appetite, and how much you need, here we list five strains that, without a doubt, cause gnawing in your stomach:


Critical Kush, as the name suggests, is a combination of Critical Mass and Hindu Kush, with a little Skunk #1 thrown in as well. The result is an indica dominant strain that never fails to induce the munchies. To top it off, Critical Kush produces very generous harvests of highly aromatic and pungent buds. The THC content is roughly 18% and this is accompanied by an average amount of CBD. view product


Jack Herer, named after the famous cannabis activist and philosopher, is an award-winning strain with impressive heritage. Made from a Haze mixed with a Red Skunk, she possesses many of the qualities of her parents. In addition to its potency (20% THC) and uplifting high, Jack Herer is known among marijuana users for its ability to stimulate the appetite guaranteed. view product


This strain develops a mysterious shade of purple during growth and she produces extremely relaxing and tasty weed (hence the name). Lavender has a complex background, namely a mix of Afghan, American, European, Korean and Hawaiian strains. The result is a laid-back beauty that soothes and relaxes the body. Needless to say, she is highly skilled at inducing the munchies. view product


Afghan Kush is a pure indica, straight from the Hindu Kush mountains. You can’t go any further back to the basics. Afghan Kush is a resilient, fast-growing and high-yielding plant that also produces very strong weed with a THC content of about 21%. This unbridled power will easily stimulate the appetite, but she can also overwhelm you with ease if you’re not prepared, so expect couchlock! view product


Mazar is an award-winning classic that has been on the market since the 1990s. She was bred from a landrace Afghani and a classic Dutch Skunk. The result is a strain that sits near a THC level of 20% and delivers an unforgettable old-school flavor and high. Of course, appetite stimulation is one of her tasks, which is guaranteed to be elicited. There are many other strains that make the stomach growl, but these five will provide you with a good starting point. They WILL induce the munchies. So try them and let us know your opinion. Or, even better, let us know below which of your favorite strains awaken the beast in your belly. Happy munching! view product